Magnetic Separation

  • FFV Vacuum Drawer Magnets

    FFV Vacuum Drawer Magnets

    These “Just-In-Time” systems dry resin at a central point and then convey small amounts to the molding machine. Bunting® Magnetics Co. manufactures a series of drawer magnets (FFV Series) specifically designed for these systems. FFV Drawer Magnets mount on the throat of the plas... Read More
  • Center-Flow In-Line Magnets (CFM)

    Center-Flow In-Line Magnets (CFM)

    This tapered, exposed- pole cartridge has a stainless steel “nose cone” to direct the flow of materials around the magnet. For dilute phase conveying up to 15 psi. Available with tubing, schedule 10 and 40 pipe and Camlock fittings. Placement in vertical run makes optimum use o... Read More
  • Pneumatic In-Line Magnets

    Pneumatic In-Line Magnets

    Tapered transitions guide material directly over the face of the hinged plate magnet, which swings away from the housing for quick external cleaning. Gravity In-Line Magnets Gravity In-Line Magnets allow you to utilize our powerful Plate Magnets in round, sloping spouting where material is und... Read More
  • HF Series Drawer Magnet

    HF Series Drawer Magnet

    They can be configured with two or more cartridge trays arranged so that the cartridges are staggered to increase contact with the product stream. Material moves in a zig-zag pattern from one cartridge tray to the next for exceptionally thorough cleaning. They are available in utility, powder, food... Read More
  • Magnetic Liquid Traps

    Magnetic Liquid Traps

    Continuous, Dependable Permanent Magnetic Protection against Tramp Iron Contamination Bunting® Magnetic Liquid Traps are designed to remove ferrous tramp from liquid processing and conveying lines. They provide dependable protection against tramp iron contamination and come equipped with ... Read More
  • Plate Magnet

    Plate Magnet

    They can handle powdery, moist, lumpy, and abrasive products and large debris that might choke, bridge, or cause rapid wear in cartridge-based separators. Plate Magnets can also be installed above conveyors or below conveyor drive pulleys to capture contaminants as material drops from open belts... Read More
  • Drum Magnets

    Drum Magnets

    When material flows onto the drum, a stationary magnetic assembly inside the unit’s shell captures tramp metal and holds it securely to the drum’s stainless steel surface. With contaminants removed, the good product falls freely to a discharge point. As the drum rotates, cleats sweep... Read More
  • Plate Housing Magnets

    Plate Housing Magnets

    Optional square, rectangular, and round adapters can be supplied to your specifications for ease of installation. A baffle at the top of the housing helps break up clumps and directs product flow over the unit’s two powerful Plate Magnets. Three Face Plate Styles Bunting® Plate Magnet... Read More
  • Xtractor


    The XTractor, which offers superior high-volume metal separation, features a self-cleaning magnetic drum separator that provides continuous separation of ferrous and non-ferrous material for recycling purposes. Any manufacturing operation that is producing scrap can use this new application in t... Read More
  • Suspended Plate Magnets

    Suspended Plate Magnets

    Our Suspended Plates come in sizes matched to common belt widths and are outfitted with eye-bolts to aid in handling and overhead suspension. Our heavy-duty model’s high-density permanent Ceramic magnet provides an impressive half-pound pull at 9 inches. Medium & Light Duty Models ... Read More
  • Grinder Plate Magnets

    Grinder Plate Magnets

    Now you can protect it easily and economically with Bunting® Grinder Plate Magnets. They install easily in your granulator?s feed tray. Each Grinder Plate Magnet is manufactured with a rugged cast aluminum frame. Back plate and magnetic pole face are made of mild steel. Specify grinder feed... Read More
  • Coolant Cleaner

    Coolant Cleaner

    The Bunting® Coolant Cleaner removes ferrous fines from coolant. Base models use permanent ceramic magnetic material, while Rare Earth magnetic rolls are available. Cleaners are suited to applications that mandate clean coolant recovery. This product is designed for use with surface grinders,... Read More
  • Duplex Separator

    Duplex Separator

    Our Duplex Separators offer maximum protection against ferrous and non-ferrous debris. Features include: Adjustable sensitivity and rejection cycling features conserve good material Automatic Product-Effect Compensation increases reject accuracy Open frame construction offers easy access t... Read More
  • Gaylord Cleaning Station

    Gaylord Cleaning Station

    The sturdy steel framework provides easy component access. The Gaylord Cleaning Station combines a Bunting® drawer magnet with an electronic metal detector. Other combinations can be selected to match the demands of specific applications. The electronic metal detector senses and rejects bo... Read More
  • Grate Magnets

    Grate Magnets

    Round, Square, and Rectangular Grates Bunting® Grate Magnets provide a properly configured, high-density magnetic field to trap and hold ferrous fines, fragments, and small metal objects. Stainless steel tubing and frames are welded into strong, integral units. They can be installed – o... Read More
  • Magnetic Cartridges

    Magnetic Cartridges

    Make or Modify Your Own Separation System with Bunting® Magnetic Cartridges You can build or modify your own magnetic separation equipment with Bunting® Magnetic Cartridges. Both standard and heavy-duty models are constructed of durable 304 stainless steel tubing and are available with t... Read More
  • TurboGrate™ Separator

    TurboGrate™ Separator

    This magnetic separator features a powerful motorized rotating grate magnet which processes material, such as cocoa, flour or starch, that would bridge traditional grate assemblies. The TurboGrate features streamlined design elements while still adhering to the top quality construction standards... Read More
  • Wedge Magnets

    Wedge Magnets

    Wedge Magnets are ideal for installation in narrow, vertical, or steeply inclined chutes that are easily accessible and can be opened for inspection and manual cleaning. The wedge shape resists bridging and diverts the product flow across the front and back collection surfaces where Ceramic magne... Read More
  • Magnetic Pull Test Kits

    Magnetic Pull Test Kits

    Field tests on magnetic equipment are most accurately done by measuring the relative magnetic attraction of a separator on a ferrous test piece. This test kit includes test pieces and tools which have been selected to offer maximum flexibility for testing a broad range of magnetic separator style... Read More
  • Torpedo Magnets

    Torpedo Magnets

    The Torpedo Magnet consists of a formed stainless steel ring, welded to a high-energy Rare Earth magnetic cartridge, allowing the magnetic cartridge to hang suspended in the center of the JIT loader?s glass tube. With the Torpedo Magnet in this position, tramp metal is captured before it can rea... Read More
  • Powder FF Drawer Magnets

    Powder FF Drawer Magnets

    Powder Seal Kit This option prevents powder materials from leaking out around the Slide Gate – which is especially important in applications involving PVC or similar powder materials. The kit provides a compression seal around the Slide Gate. Order as original equipment or retrofit on si... Read More
  • Hump Magnets

    Hump Magnets

    Half-Hump Magnets Our Half-Hump Magnets are used where Hump Magnets will not fit because of height restrictions. Like its larger version, the Half-Hump housing directs the material flow over the single high-strength permanent magnet and breaks up aggregated material to dislodge and capture embedd... Read More
  • Gravity In-Line Magnets

    Gravity In-Line Magnets

    Bunting® Gravity and Pneumatic In-Line Magnets feature full-flow architecture that leaves the product stream unobstructed. Tapered transitions guide material directly over the face of the hinged plate magnet, which swings away from the housing for quick external cleaning. Gravity In-Line Magn... Read More
  • Hump Magnet Separators for High- Volume Product Flow

    Hump Magnet Separators for High- Volume Product Flow

    We can supply adapters made to your specifications. Ceramic magnets are standard with optional high-energy Rare Earth magnets and stainless steel construction. Housings handle moderate positive and negative pressures. The angled shape directs the product flow into the magnetic field, helps prevent ... Read More
  • Low Profile Drawer Magnets

    Low Profile Drawer Magnets

    When headroom is severely limited, this design provides protection with only 5 11/16” overall height requirements. Features a single row of High-Intensity Rare Earth magnets. Clear polycarbonate drawer front and 1?gauge mild steel construction. Rugged ¼” thick flanges can be... Read More